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Class Schedule




5:15 PM -Quartet Session

7:00 PM - Skills & Drills for Stars 



10:00 AM -Quartet Session (wait-list)



5:30 PM - Pilates Mat Class



Restorative Yoga - April 7th

7:00-8:30 PM at Jenstar Yoga


Hip Workshop for Runners April 8th 12:00-1:25 PM at Jenstar Yoga


To schedule a One-On-One, your own group class or workshop please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Clients Words...

I have noticed a tremendous change in my posture and a gained confidence in my muscles and movements. Amanda has a keen awareness of the whole body--and her contagious smile, infectious energy and innovative approach to pilates fosters an improved health and overall wellness. I highly recommend her services.  
~ Vicki Quinn


Prior to going to Freckles, I had to go to a chriopractor at least 2-4 times a  month just to live without pain. Since I started pilates with Amanda I have not been back to the chiropractor. I love that I am pain free and strenghtening my core. My hips are much more flexible too!

~ Shelley Dietz




Working with Amanda at Freckles has been a gift that has unquestionably added value to my life overall.  

I have not worked with anyone who is nearly as effective, contentious, and positive as Amanda.  I initially came to Freckles for a different type of workout before my wedding, and I’ve been coming back consistently for over three years – I am addicted!   Amanda’s one of a kind approach combines Franklin method Pilates with visualization techniques that program the most supportive functional movement into my nervous system in a way that IMMEDIATELY gives me more ease and comfort that spills into the rest of my life.  When I go to Freckles, I know I will get a super challenging but supportive strength workout plus relaxation all in one!  Since I started working with Amanda, running has become easier, my posture and balance have improved, and I have learned so much about listening to and honoring my body which is the most valuable of all.  This year I suffered a stroke, and I am confident that the last three years of work with her is the reason my motor skills, balance, and coordination came back so quickly.  I am so grateful for Amanda because in my recovery it is critical to listen to my body, and I am so much better at that now because of my sessions with her.  Sessions with Amanda are the exact opposite of the ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy.  Perhaps the most astounding difference between my Freckles sessions and other workouts is that I consistently leave Freckles with much MORE energy compared to when I walked in, and I cannot say that about any other workout I’ve done.  When I walk into Freckles for a session with Amanda, it’s like my entire body automatically exhales because it expects to feel more open and happy in no time.  I always leave feeling physically and mentally grounded, supported, strong, calm, and focused but don’t be fooled…she can easily make the beefiest, muscle-laden, athletic  man sweat!   If you are looking to increase your strength, flexibility, balance, confidence in your bikini, or just want more ease and comfort in your life, I would HIGHLY recommend investing in yourself by working with Amanda!

~ Jamie Raisleger




I began my journey with Freckles in the summer of 2013. I was looking for something to help me gain core strength to improve my posture and running form. Amanda has helped me with that and more.


Using imagery to tap into the mind/body connection, Amanda has helped me keep my body healthy and happy. We practice using breath to initiante movement, improve concentration and release stress. My movement patterns have improved, I've become longer, stronger and more flexible. I leave every class feeling balanced and joyful.

Pilates has started me on a healhtier, integrated path I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I would highly recommned Freckles: A Pilates Studio to everyone.

~ Mary Flinn




I started one-on-one sessions with Amanda over two years ago with the goal of reducing the shooting pain I was experiencing because of a hip condition that was derived through years of non-optimal movement patterns as well as wear and tear from college football. She has helped me to move in a more comfortable and efficient manner by incorporating breathing, energy, and visualizing how your whole body is connected. My core strength has increased, and I have many useful take aways from Amanda that I incorporate in to my own workouts. 


I have become a more relaxed and flexible person since starting my relationship with Amanda. After being flat-footed since childhood, I have re-developed my arches with her help.  In addition to decreased hip pain, stress normally held in my shoulders and lower back have subsided. Overall, my quality of life has increased and I am thankful for the opportunity to improve the condition of my body by going to Freckles.
~ Kris Raisleger
I have been going to Amanda at Freckles for just over two years and it has been a fabulous experience. I have become more in tune with my body, am more flexible and have less pain in my troublesome knee joints.  
~ Kelly McNiff

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