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Freckles: A Pilates Studio
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5:15 PM - Equipment Class (wait-list)



9:30 AM - Equipment Class (wait-list)


4:45 PM -Intermediate Mat/Equipment Class


To schedule a One-On-One or your own group class, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Get To Know Amanda, Studio Owner at Freckles


Hello, everyone! My name is Amanda Krause and Freckles is my pilates studio. Before I get to what Freckles has to offer you, I'd like to give you a little background information on how I became a pilates instructor. 


I started practicing pilates back in 2006 when I was a student attending school at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A friend referred me to a local woman who taught a pilates class out of her home. I fell in love with her personal approach to teaching an effective pilates program where specific focus could be given to each individual participating.


I was just a beginner back then but it did not matter, I was hooked!


My newfound passion for pilates motivated me to become All-Mat Certified (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) through Power Pilates of Chicago in 2008. In 2009, I became a pilates instructor for the YMCA of the Fox Cities in Appleton, WI, where I first received training on the reformer.


With every class I taught, the number of clients I had who informed me that I was changing their life for the better increased. Knowing that I could impart my knowledge on this wonderful system of exercises to others and change their life for the better inspired me to open my own pilates studio.


In February of 2012, I started my comprehensive certification through The Pilates Center with renowned pilates instructor Debby Orlando. The Pilates Center offers the most efficient pilates training program in the world and has been referred to as the “Harvard of Pilates Teacher Training Programs.”


And in September of 2012, I purchased a home with my husband and started renovation on the space that is now my own pilates studio. As for the significance behind the name Freckles, well, I’m sure you can figure it out.


Freckles: A Pilates Studio is a fully-equipped pilates studio based out of my home in Green Bay, WI. I use a personal approach when teaching these wonderfully effective exercises to each individual client that walks through my door. It's the same personal approach that helped me fall in love with pilates when I first started and I'm certain it will make you fall in love with pilates as well!


But why should you give pilates a try?


Practicing pilates on a regular basis will improve your flexibility and strength and allow you to lose unwanted weight. It will also release built-up tension, relieve back, neck and shoulder pain and reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. 


Pilates is a complete mind-body-spirit workout and I focus on the complete package when conducting my classes. Yes, your body will receive an amazing workout and you will become stronger, but your mind will also be eased and your spirit revitalized. Pilates will provide you with a natural dose of increased energy while making you an all-around happier person.


That's why Freckles is dedicated to "making the world a happier place, one body at a time."

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